Unapologetically loc'd: A community-building project featuring Black women.

Written by Alexx Paige

A collective of Black brilliance, vision, and intelligence created this legendary, magical experience. This day was about Black excellence in many different forms. From the wardrobe to the accessories. From the diversity of each individual’s locs to the outdoors of the nature. It was full of divine energy and purpose. There was a common pain from the past of our ancestors being put into passion from the past history of where our hair journey began. As we continue to carry and recreate our narrative of beauty and the Goddesses we are, we stood in strength. We brought the strength of our powers on the set.

The communication was the love language. The fierceness was the freedom. This was an epic shoot! All the gifted, talented, beautiful Black intersectionalities of personalities and versatility of our blackness beautifully came together. There was so much peace, joy, experience, ambition, creation, and happiness that allowed divine and intentional energy of alignment of purpose. The selflessness shined so much life to everyone’s craft.

Everyone’s vision and more happened. Everyone was heard, nurtured, and valued. A winning team was created and succeeded the purpose of this project. The strength, courage, and freedom in these photos brought out the historical memories of us living and being our ancestor's wildest dream. We are not only Black America's dream, but we are the reality of Black America’s greatness. It is us who change the narrative, and because so we are the alpha-omega and everything in between.

My locs are a source of power, strength, and beauty.

My locs connect me to my sisters. They tell a story, about the woman I am, the culture I love, and the people I care about.

We beleive in the Magic of who we are.

Natural beauty shimmers within and also radiates outwardly. Beauty is created from within -- it pours out with good energy. 

Crowned: When you see my locs, you’ll know me as a descendent of living royalty.

The sense of joy you get from beautiful surroundings comes from your heart, not your eyes. That joy shines through your smile and invites the world in to participate in your adventure. Your spirit of promise accompanies you wherever you go; bringing joy, excitement, laughter and love to every moment.


These collaborations are a part of a lifestyle series that helps you find your voice, celebrate boldness, Black Excellence + Black creatives from the worlds of fashion, art, media, culture, and entrepreneurship. 

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