Case Study 2

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.

(Peter Adams)

Saude Wellness was founded by Alchemist, Jamila Ekukpe. Saude is a wellness space and makers shop that helps people find the best products and services to improve their health and happiness by offering yoga, drum classes, sound bath meditations, herbalism workshops, community gatherings, digital classes, pop-ups, and merchant services all while providing an apothecary experience that supports doing business in a way that feels good.

We helped Saude launch a brand refresh with our signature branding session. The goal was to create a brand that reflected the values of Saude and their community: wellness, creativity, mindfulness, sustainability and self-care.


  • Alchemist, inviting friendly, holistic,
  • educational, communal health & wellness
  • yoga, meditation, sound bath, herbalism workshops, community gatherings, digital classes
  • Apothecary, pop-ups