Hi I'm Malika Humphrey aka Phree

Behind The Camera

As a multimedia creator and visual artist, my fascination with capturing imagery began over a decade ago. After giving birth to my oldest son, what started as a simple passion and intent to document memories for my own family grew into a full-blown obsession, leading me to embark on a new venture capturing the essence and beauty of those around me. I am deeply moved by beauty and nature. Whether it’s a masterfully designed environment, a breathtaking work of art, or a song that touches my heart it inspires and empowers creativity and flow. Over the years, I’ve experimented with a variety of types of photography/videography, honing my expertise to create my own unique brand of visuals that transform, engage, and inspire audiences. 

The Journey

My journey has been one that has evolved over time from the casual hobbyist to the professional photographer who now specializes in branding and commercial projects. I strive to create timeless brand-based content which blends backdrops with stunning landscapes and minimal aesthetics. I am known for my ability to capture visuals that evoke emotion, are both inspiring and beautiful, while still maintaining an authentic feel which connects with both the viewer and subject matter. My style is unique yet timeless—it reflects both who I am, where I've been as well as where I'm going.

In 2017, it became clear that visual storytelling was my purpose at the time, so I took the leap and transitioned from amateur to professional photographer. My work is driven by the desire to help others realize their potential and live their purest lives through the power of purposeful self-expression and creativity. I believe that when we're able to express ourselves authentically and confidently, we can truly connect with others in a meaningful way. There is an underlying unity in all things, an underlying sense of oneness, and this unity is not only real, but also the source of all creativity. This means that when you look at something from a perspective of unity, you can see it in ways that others have not yet seen it.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Wilmington Delaware. I moved to California when I joined the Air Force. I was stationed at Travis AFB, CA.


Fact 2

I have always been the one in my family to document and capture the moment as it unfolds and of others in their element, so portraiture is like second nature to me.


Fact 3

I'm an introvert at heart (INFJ), but pursuing this business has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. My voice has been amplified, which has forced me to be more open than ever before.

I've learned that its about building a network of people who are willing to support you, and getting out there and making connections with them.


Fact 4

I am deeply moved by beauty and nature.

Whether its a masterfully designed environment/space, or a breath-taking work of art, or even just a song that touches my heart. It empowers and inspires my creative flow.

Welcome to HHS

We tell stories. We create content. We elevate.

Meet The Team

Andre Humphrey

I'm so lucky to have the support of my husband, who assist behind the scenes, IT support, videography, and editing. He's a tech genius with an excellent eye for it, and I couldn't do this without him.

Photo by: @BloomPhotographyCa


Jaelene joined us as a photo & video mentee/assistant in 2022 and with her fresh eye for beautiful moments, we are very grateful to have her share her creativity and skills as she assists with projects. "I like to freeze moments in time, city lights, beautiful views, and focus photos"



Praveen joined us as a freelance video editor. He's worked on everything from independent films to weddings, so we know he'll be able to help us create some engaging content.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."


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