Why hire a Brand Photographer when I can do it myself?

This was one of the questions dropped for my Q+A post on Instagram.

Here’s the thing, I am a DIY’er, so, I get it. I’m the "I'll just save money and do it myself" type of person, but even I can’t do everything. Who has the time to learn everything in the world? We all know that we should be using online advertising in our marketing to grow sales in the businesses we run. At the end of the day, if you're not in front of your target audience in some way, you're leaving money on the table.

Organic growth and positive word of mouth are great ways to grow your business, but what if you need a kick-start or a boost? You’ve tried everything and still can’t convert? What you may be lacking is visual impact. Sometimes, an innovative and creative way of communicating your brand is just what you need to help grow your business. This is where HHS comes in.

For HHS, it’s not just about photos and videos; it’s about creating visually appealing visuals + strategies that can bring life to your brand. We go deeper than the surface (which in this day and age, we all should be right?). The brands that stand out are defined and easy to recognize. We can assist with professional photography, videography, and brand strategy.

Our strength is to create on-brand visuals for each of our clients while preserving the essence of their brand, their style, and market position. We help you build on your brand with effective & innovative new ways so that your audience is not only able to associate with your brand, but also identify it by image alone.


There are so many benefits to outsourcing though, I have to admit it. Outsourcing some tasks can save you time, give you back control of your time, and decrease stress levels. 🙌🏾 You know when it's all said and done, I think that sometimes you need to open your eyes though and realize that there are people out there eager to do what you can’t.

If you’re a DIY'er like me, and really serious about getting leads and sales, please stop doing everything yourself. Save yourself the headache at least when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online presence in general. I love saving money and doing things myself, but when it comes to my website and on-brand visuals, I know from personal experience that a good professional is a must.

Whether you have a budget or not, we’d be happy to learn more about your brand and you through a free consultation.