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Why You Should Invest in Branding Photography


If you own a business, you understand that branding is crucial in ensuring customers understand what your company has to offer them. However, many companies fail to realize that branding encompasses more than logos, fonts, colors, and storytelling but rather a careful curation of artistic elements that help bring your business identity to life –including photography. I often see small businesses miss the mark with their industry debuts as they fail to invest in branding photography. Therefore, today we're going to be talking about why photographing your brand is essential in helping your business succeed on the market. Let's get right into it!


What is branding photography?


For those of you who may not already be aware, photography related to branding is a suite of professional photos that artistically reflects who and what your business is about. In other words, it is a visual representation of your identity beyond your logo. Branding photography includes:


  • Colors and tones
  • Props
  • Strategy mood board
  • Styled concept/set design
  • Location
  • Hair, makeup, and fashion

Putting Brand Photos to Use


While it may be difficult to imagine where exactly you would post your suite of professional photos for your business, here is a list of some of the ways you can take advantage of your final product:

  • On your website
  • Social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Your blog posts
  • Paid advertisements
  •  Business stationery including cards, brochures, signs, and more
  •  As artwork for your podcast
  •  The signature of your email

And so much more!


Why is branding photography important?

Now, you're probably thinking, "yes, of course, it would be nice to have professional photographs for my business –but why exactly is it important?" This is a fantastic question to be asking, especially when it comes to investing in your business's success! To answer this question, professional photography that is tailored to your brand identity can help enhance the following:


1.   First Impressions

First impressions are crucial, which is why investing in professional brand photography for your small business can help create a positive and lasting impression on future clients and customers.

A great branding strategy will help you stand out against competitors + close deals.

2.   Trust & Reliability


Consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from businesses they recognize as being reliable and trustworthy. By investing in visually captivating photography that is consistent across your website and social media platforms, you are investing in your brand's credibility and trustworthiness as a whole. This, in turn, is going to persuade consumers to turn to your business over your competitors.


3.   Helps Convey Emotion


It's no secret that photography is a powerful artistic tool that can convey emotions to an audience. This is why businesses use branded photography to express specific emotions and messages for consumers to feel when they think about your business.


4.   It Helps Increase Your Engagement


Yes, reading is fun. However, when your target audience is on social media platforms, they aren't looking to read through paragraphs of words that will entice their interests. Instead, they are looking for captivating visuals that are aesthetically pleasing and speak true to your brand's authenticity. This is not only going to help create a strong online presence for your business, but it is also going to help increase engagement with your brand, which expands your authority in your industry and improves your revenue.


Personal Branded Photography vs. Portrait Photography 


While portrait photography serves to depict your face, there is a disconnect of personality and meaning behind the photos. Whereas with personal branding photography, you can showcase mood and character through lighting, props, location, and so much more. Personal branding photos offer your customers and clients more insight into who and what your brand represents, promoting trust and loyalty to your brand, as I mentioned earlier.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, investing in personal and business branding photography is a crucial component of your business's success, which is all the more reason to work with a professional photographer who can help bring your brand identity to life. Remember, your market competitors are more than likely to be investing in branding photos. Therefore, to set yourself apart in your industry, especially amongst larger businesses, spending the money on professional services that will provide you with a competitive edge is essential.


If you would like to find out more about personal photography for your brand, head over to my collections page to take a look through my carefully created branding photo sessions that will help you take your business to the next level.