Where will we shoot?

Many clients feel that their space will not make the cut for a branding or personal branding photography location. Maybe it's outdated or too dark or maybe still a work in progress.

Do you want sleek and modern? Natural and chic? Traditional and classic? A multi-functional space? When you work with HHS, we take the time to understand your overall needs and help you to determine your ideal tone and aesthetic in advance. We take a lot of consideration in our photos so we can deliver images that support your brand identity.

So you're finally building that amazing business of yours and you finally decide to invest in a branding shoot, but you're still not 100% solid on the idea. This is normal. Hiring a Professional Photographer can be intimidating! I absolutely agree.

On location

Most branding photographers shoot on location. This means going to a specific location, outside of a studio for the session. I get it, you'll feel vulnerable posing for the camera. You may also worry about the lighting, the background, and what to wear among others.

Is it giving luxury?

Let’s be honest. I have a three and five year old boys, and I've learned that you can’t portray luxury or high-end while posing around a kids play table!  The trick is to find the right setting that gives you the exact vibe you want. The right space needs to welcome people, tell your brand’s story, and engage clients in the right way. The location of your session is of utmost importance in capturing the essence of your brand. I work with you to find a beautiful space that reflects your brand.

Does it make sense?

Location is everything when it comes to branding photos. If you want to put together an inviting, noncorporate business brand and have lifestyle images of your brand that will connect with your consumers, these resources can point you in the right direction.

For example, if you seek to become an approachable, relatable brand, then you can consider renting from Homestudioslist which can help capture those lifestyle images that put your business in the context of your real life. There's also Peerspace which offers modern, convenient, reasonably priced locations for your photography needs. It is basically a peer-to-peer marketplace, where professionals connect with one another to share modern spaces. Lastly, Airbnb offers beautiful and unique rentals, cabins, beach houses, unique homes, and experiences around the world.

Why rented spaces?

I love to shoot on location and in rented spaces because you never get the same look. I also love to mix indoor and outdoor locations for lifestyle elements and to take advantage of natural light. While I love the available studio space options in Sacramento, I think we limit ourselves by confining our images inside the four walls of a white room. Not only does your brand deserve better imagery, but your audience also deserves great imagery.

When it comes to choosing a location, remember that nothing is off-limits and everything is a potential set. Whether you're shooting portraits, lifestyle images, or product shots, there are so many compelling places outside that offer great backdrops, such as open factories, hangers, outdoor architecture, and fields (just to name a few). Having an outdoor location adds a level of interest and realism to your images while offering another venue for your product shots.

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Take away

Hopefully, these tips were helpful in making a decision about the location for your next brand photography shoot. Remember to take into consideration different factors like natural light, finding that perfect angle, and the overall feel of the shoot. If you’re not sure what works best for your brand or what you’re looking for, reach out to us and we’ll help you find the right location and get you on the calendar for 2022 with a beautiful space.

Be sure to grab my branding photography shoot prep guide to start planning your own session.

Until next time, thanks for reading.